Sawsen Ayadi

Sawsen Ayadi


Dr. Sawsen Ayadi is a researcher in the field of agronomic sciences, with a passion for sustainable agriculture and a commitment to improving global food security. 

Born in Tunisia, Dr. Sawsen Ayadi completed her undergraduate studies in agronomic sciences at the National Institute of Agronomy of Tunisia, where she pursued a PhD in Genetics and Cereal breeding in collaboration with the University of Napoli, and her doctoral work focused on Nitrogen use efficiency in wheat landraces cultivated in Northern Africa.

In addition to her research, Dr. Sawsen Ayadi is an associate professor, and she encourages community involvement and education in the field of agronomy. Throughout her career, she has consistently sought opportunities to bridge the gap between research and field knowledge. 

Dr. Sawsen Ayadi is involved in many research and development projects and her work has been advising farmers on sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices. She is also well acquainted with research scientists at the international research centers as well as universities and research institutes in the Mediterranean basin. She received many grants from the IAEA, ITEC, CIHEAM, ICARDA and CIMMYT. 

Dr. Sawsen Ayadi is passionate about empowering women and helping them to reach their full potential and she believes that women have the potential to be powerful leaders in the agricultural sector.