Nerhan Abdelal Eid

Nerhan Abdelal Eid


Dr. Eid is a Researcher at the Plant Pathology Unit, Department of Plant Protection, Desert Research Center (DRC), Cairo, Egypt.

The primary focus of her research is the Isolation, purification and Identification of different beneficial growth promoting microorganisms and plant pathogens and producing bio product to use in biofertilizer and bio protection for nematodes and biocontrol of diseases (special soil borne diseases)

She has presented her research and results at different international conferences, seminars and she has performed several presentations for different audiences on various topics.

Also, she is one of the members of the research team for the cooperation protocol between the Desert Research Center and the Nature Protection Sector, the Environmental Affairs Agency, Ministry of Environment from 2022 until now.

She is a member of the research team of the research program Egypt's wealth of medicinal plants in natural reserves and its impact on climate change 2022-2023. She is also a member of the research team for the project to evaluate the adaptation of genotypes of quinoa and amaranth across different environments and to determine the use of beneficial microbes to enhance stress tolerance and production in crop plants 2021-2023.