Intissar Zarrouk

Intissar Zarrouk


Intissar Zarrouk is a research engineer at the Laboratory of Forest Ecology at the National Research Institute of Rural Engineering, Water and Forests (INRGREF) in Tunisia.  She is also a PhD student at the National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia (INAT). Ms. Intissar holds a master’s degree in management of Natural Resources and an engineering degree in agricultural production.

Currently, she is responsible for “the Biodiversity Research Unit” at her home institute. Her research focuses on developing an efficient and reliable protocol for micropropagation of rare and endangered Tunisian forest species that are economically important in silviculture and in agriculture.

Ms. Intissar has had several research grants; she was a fellow of the Cochran Fellowship Program in Agriculture Biotechnology-USA, and in 2022, she had a Scientific Exchange Fellowship Program at the University of Nebraska in the United States of America, and she had the opportunity to attend the World Food Prize. 

Ms. Intissar is a National Focal Point in her country of the Global Alliance for Rapid Diagnostics (GARD)-Michigan State with the primary mission is to develop portable, affordable, accessible, and deployable nano-enabled biosensor technologies for rapid and early detection of infectious and antimicrobial-resistant diseases to support sustainable health in populations.