Dr. Sherine Fathy Mansour

Dr. Sherine Fathy Mansour


Dr. Mansour is an Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics at the Desert Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.

She holds a Ph.D. Degree in Agriculture Economics from the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, and a Master's degree in Agriculture Economics from the Faculty of Agriculture, Tanta University, Egypt.

She is a member of many projects funded by USAID, IFAD, ICBA and also holds a membership of many professional associations such as the Syndicate of Agricultural Professions; Journal of the Egyptian Society for Agricultural Economics; Journal of Menoufia for Agricultural Research; the Arab Union for Wildlife - Arab Economic Unity Council – League of Arab States; the Council of the Department of Economic Studies; the jury for scientific research of the Institution of Academic Journals Premier Publisher and the Egyptian Society of Camel Sciences (ESCS).

Her research activities are focused on sustainable rural development of various governorates of Egypt and the development of some agricultural techniques that improve the livelihood of farmers.